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Corporate Events

Cookery Demonstrations
Healthy Talks

Italian Cookery Demonstrations

Learn how to cook healthy Italian dishes with me. I will teach you how to prepare a simple 3 course Italian meal in less than 60 minutes with true Italian ingredients and recipes. This could be a fun way for your employees to destress at the end of a busy week. These classes are mainly done through Zoom or in person upon request. You will receive full recipe manuals and ingredients suggestions and also zoom recordings

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Wellbeing programme. 

This programme is designed to guide you on your journey to gain optimal weight, improve energy levels and immune function. You will get a manual with guidelines, recipes and informational material on how to start your Health journey. 


Disclaimer: This programme is designed for healthy individuals with no health conditions. Always consult your GP before starting a new eating regime

Health Talks

Find out what foods are going to give you steady energy and improve concentration during working hours. I will give you some simple tips and ideas for your work lunches and snacks to improve your Health and Wellbeing. Each Employee will receive a wellness manual with some practical ideas, suggestions and simple new recipes to try.

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