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Meet Virginia

Virginia Ziulu, DipNT mNTOI 
Lipedema Nutrition and Female Hormones.

I am originally from Sardinia,Italy and moved to Ireland in 2005 with my now Sardinian husband.


I left Sardinia on my own when I was
just 18 years old and started working as an au pair first. I wanted to learn English and try a new life experience.


My previous studies in Italy were in the area of Tourism and Travel so I started my career in Ireland working for Lufthansa Airlines and then moved to American Express Corporate Travel.

After a traumatic health challenge in 2010, just after being made redundant due to a company takeover, I decided to change career and embraced my studies in Nutritional Therapy with the Institute ofHealth Sciences in Dublin.

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I have always been very passionate
about Nutrition and quality food, especially coming from a country with such a strong food culture.

During this time I was also diagnosed with a condition called Lipedema which is an inflammatory condition that causes swelling
and pain of the lower limbs but can also affect arms and stomach.

This was one of the reasons that pushed me towards my Nutritional Therapy studies as I wanted to find an answer and a solution to this
very poorly understood disease.

In 2014 I graduated as a Nutritional Therapist while working in a local Health Food Store for a good few years during my studies
serving the local community In Newbridge Co. Kildare.


It was one of the best experiences I have ever had and I have made some very
good friendships along the way.


I knew this was the area I definitely
wanted to put all my passion and expertise into. Since then I Haven't stopped learning and I am continuously upskilling and
taking part in professional webinars and conferences worldwide.

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Unfortunately In June 2016,while I had already started my thriving Nutritional Therapy practice, I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma while pregnant with my first child and I felt like my world was slowly falling apart.


I started blaming myself and trying to find
answers but there were no answers. I started Chemotherapy just 7 days after my C- section and I didn’t even get a chance to metabolise what had just happened.


I had to pause my business for a good few years after and in the meantime I also had my second healthy boy.

I decided to come back practising during Covid times and my practice is now thriving again after taking a well needed break.

I have a busy clinic in the Active Body Clinic in Portlaoise, Ireland and International clients with my zoom clinic.

I am very passionate in supporting women suffering with Lipedema worldwide with personalised Nutritional and lifestyle interventions.

Areas of particular interest are: Female Hormones, Gut and Immune Health and Metabolic Health.


I offer 1:1 programs, Workshops, Group Programs, Corporate Wellbeing.

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