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The Lipedema Self Managment Tools Guide.

The must have Lipedema Self Managment tools explained in this easy and practical guide.

#1 Vibration plate:

This is probably one of my most favourite and reccomended tool for Lipedema patients. Whole Body vibration is extrememly beneficial for Lipedema as it can work on the deep layers of the connective tissue and loosen up the hard and compacted tissue. It can help to ease pain and it can be used from a laying or sitting position for 10 to 20 minutes daily. It is very compact and it doesn't take a lot of space. A must have for all Lipedema patients. Get your here:

#2 Rebounder:

This is my own rebounder and I absolutely love it. The rebounder is particularly beneficial for Lipedema as it can aid the lymphatic pumps reducing swelling and also helping with tissue oxygenation and detoxyfication. This particular one also folds so it's easy to store. Before you start using the rebounder make sure to check with your physio first to access your mobility and joint health. Get yours here:

#3 Massage gun:

A massage gun can be particularly beneficial to treat the fibrotic tissue and to aid tissue recovery post exercise. This is the one I use myself and I found it very beneficial. You need to use it on the lowest setting. It can be used daily ideally post exercise or in the evening time to help with inflammed tissue. It is very light and portable and it comes with a number of attachments that can be used in different areas of the body. Irish brand and great value too. Use my discount code Virginiashealthcorner to get yours today.

#4 Flat Foam Roller:

This foam roller is an essential tool to have which will work on the fibrotic tissue to ease pain and muscle tension. The flat roller is the ideal one to start with for Lipedema as it gives the least amount of pain. You can use it 10 to 20 minutes a day in the morning and evening and after your workout. It is going to really help treat the fibrotic tissue. You can get yours here:

#4 Dry Brushing Kit

Dry brushing is a vital part of the Lipedema care and it should be used daily. Dry brush from the knee up and down from the ankles upwards. It is important to decongest the knee area first. Same with the upper body and the arms. You need to apply gentle strokes and don't press too hard on the skin as you are gently moving the lymph. You can get this Kit here:

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