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Italian Parmigiana

Here is the traditional Italian Parmigiana Recipe for you as requested. The true original recipe is with fried aubergines but I prefer them grilled in the oven. A great healthy and well balanced vegetarian,keto and low carb friendly dish with loads of good fats, protein and fibre and super tasty. Ideal for family meals too.


4 medium Aubergines

200g of aged Parmesan cheese

150g grated/sliced mozzarella

2 large glass jars of good passata.Leftover can be frozen.

1 medium finely chopped onion.

Olive oil

Sea salt



Start by sautée the onion with some olive oil until translucent, add your passata and leave it to cook for at least 1hr on low gas and no lid. 5 minutes before the end of the cooking add fresh basil leaves and sea salt to taste.

While the sauce is cooking start grilling your aubergines. Slice them length wise about 1cm thickness and rub them with olive oil and sea salt. Fan oven at 160 for about 10/15 minutes. Turn them half way through the cooking.

Once ready start preparing your layers. Add tiny bit of sauce at the bottom of a Pirex dish. Then use Aubergine, sauce, cheeses, tiny bit of sauce then starts again. The top layer is usually mostly cheese. Cook on fan oven 180 for at least 30 minutes or until golden brown on top.


The secret are always the ingredients. As you can see there are very few. The passata has to be a good one. I made my own one using very ripe tomatoes and the smallest the better. San Marzano are the best for Passata. Basil is always added at the end as it will help with sweetenes as at the start it will change the taste completely. Salt also at the end. Don't make it really saucy as it will end up too watery. Use about 2 large scoops of sauce per layer.


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