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Italian Christmas Biscuits

These very simple Christmas biscuits are Gluten free and also have very low sugar. Chickpea flour is a great substitute to use in Gluten free baking as it has high binding proprieties. You can easily source it in your local health food shop and most of the times it also comes from Europe making it a sustainable choice too.


140g of chickpea flour

20g pine nuts

20g dessicated coconut

50g Brown Erythritol( or brown sugar)

1tsp ground ginger

1tsp ground cinnamon

zest of 1organic lemon

60ml water

60ml of melted butter


"Toast" the chickpea flour for about 10 minutes in the pan at a very low heat and keep stirring. This will help the protein in the chickpea flour bind better with the rest of the ingredients. Let it cool down. Blend all the other ingredients into a fine powder( unless you prefer a crunchy consistency) and add it to the chickpea flour.

Add water and melted butter and combine to form a non sticky dough. Add a small amount of flour on a wooden board and start rolling some small amunt of the dough and use the cutters of choice. Cook at 180 degrees C. ( non fan oven)for 10/12 minutes. Leave them out to cool on a cooking rack and decorate.


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