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Keto/low carb 2 layers Semifreddo.

Gluten free base, middle layer with cream and homemade hazelnut butter and top layer just cream.



90g of ground almonds

40g softened butter

1tsp vanilla

2tsp Erythritol


Blend it until you get a moist and solid base. Spread it to the bottom of a loaf tin Pan pre lined with parchment paper. Freeze for 1 hr.

The base is's equally as nice without it.


500ml of cream

4tsp of Erythritol

1tsp vanilla extract

4 tbsp of hazelnut butter( recipe @fooddreamer homemade sugar-free Nutella)


Divide the cream in half and use 2tsp of erythritol each. One for the hazelnut filling and one for the plain one. Whip the cream to medium soft and add the hazelnut butter then keep whipping until hard peaks. Do your first layer. Freeze again for 30 minutes. Then repeat for the plain layer and leave to settle for another hour or so.

Semifreddo means semi cold so its a in between ice cream and creamy dessert...


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